Tuesday, 17 November 2009


This is a quote from Demian by Hermann Hesse ,that I illustrated in my journal, for me Demian means very much to me.


  1. Thank you very much James!!!

  2. Amazing!! was looking for an image of Demian that didn´t look "obscure" like most of the ones you find on the web and I loved this one. Demian also means a lot to me, it sort touched me on a very profound level. :) Regards!

  3. Thank you very much Paola for your lovely comments !! I guess you are from Mexico ??? ( vi tu blog)
    Que felicidad que te guste mi ilustración ,tengo también mi versión en español .....y aun estoy más contenta de saber lo que sientes por " DEMIAN " un libro eterno como maravilloso que seguirá tocando muchos corazones más!!!

    Feliz 2012 !!! Un abrazo,


  4. Can I save this Image onto my phone? This is awesome!!!! It is totally contrary to the image I thought the bird breaking its egg. I just read Demian again in 10 years.



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