Monday, 17 December 2012


Hummingbird and Amancaes Flowers.
Watercolours and Gold tempera on my Birds Journal.

Work in Progress : Incode and Amancaes

Hummingbird and Amancaes Flowers :
My 10th bird painting on my Birds Journal !!!

" Incode & Amancaes "

" On the hills near Lima...the ground is carpeted with the moss beds of beautiful yellow lilies,called Amancaes "
 - Charles Darwin ,' The Voyage of the Beatle " , Chapter XVI.


Hummingbird and Amancaes Flowers ( Lima Flowers ).
Watercolours and gold tempera on my Birds Journal.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

" Las Pitayas " book and my Published Artwork

Close up : " Las Pitayas " cover , my illustration " Viva la Frida !!! Viva la Vida !!! " and Journal .

More pages from " The Pitayas " Book

More pages from " Las Pitayas " Book

Presents from Mexico

Two amazing books : " Las Pitayas " and " The Pitahayas " , thanks to Adolfo Rodríguez Canto from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo.

My Journal with a small biography .

" Las Pitayas " with my Published Artwork

" Las Pitayas en las Artes Plásticas, la Historia y la Literatura " Book Cover and my Journal with my printed illustration :  " Viva la Frida  !!! Viva la Vida !!!"

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tribute to : "Blake & Ripley"

Watercolours on my Alchemy Journal.

Tribute to George Ripley

The Ripley Scroll

Of my blood and water I wish
Plenty in all the World there is
It runneth in every place
Who it findeth he hath grace

In the World it runneth over all
And goeth round as a ball
But thou understand well this
Of the worke thou shalt miss

Therefore know ere thou begin
What he is and all his kin
Many a name he hath full sure
And all is but one Nature

Thou must part him in three
And then knit him as the Trinity
And make them all but one
Lo here is the Philosophers Stone

Work in Progress : Rilpley's Scroll (detail)

Tribute to William Blake " URIZEN "

" The Ancient of Days setting a compass to the Earth ", watercolours on my Alchemy Journal.

Alchemy Dragons

Dragons on my Alchemy Journal.

Work in Progress : My Alchemy Journal


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